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Our firm represents a diverse clientele including small business owners, consumers, and individuals. We are committed to community service and eco-friendly business practices. We have represented or participated in the representation of clients in the following types of civil claims:

Auto Accidents

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Car Crash

Negotiated a favorable settlement against the City of Oakland and Oakland Police Department for three plaintiffs injured when an OPD officer ran a stop sign and collided with the clients’ passenger vehicle.

Slip and Fall

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Slip and Fall

Instrumental in negotiating a favorable settlement against Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., for a client who was severely injured after a slip and fall incident.

Falling Objects

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Falling Object

Instrumental in negotiating a settlement for a minor injured when a wrought-iron fence pinned him to the ground in his family’s apartment complex.

Insurance Law and Contract Review

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Contract

Reviewed contracts drafted by opposing counsel and advised clients about the legal ramifications of signing the release forms as stated. Counseled and advised clients how to pursue terms that would protect their respective interests.

Civil Litigation

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Civil

Represented clients during depositions, mediations, and settlement conferences. Also, worked closely with each client in responding to discovery requests, and drafted outgoing discovery requests on behalf of our clients. Drafted complaints, answers, motions, mediation briefs, settlement agreements, and other required civil litigation documents and correspondence as needed.

Community Involvement

We promote the importance of education: Spoke to middle school and high school children about the importance of education and always pursuing a dream.

We Give back: Donate clothing to Wardrobe for Opportunity and winter coats to One Warm Coat.

Collection Defense/Consumer Protection

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Collections

Negotiated with debt collectors and opposing counsel regarding alleged, outstanding debts. We successfully resolved several matters without the initiation of a lawsuit and negotiated favorable repayment agreements on behalf of our clients.

Traffic Cases

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Traffic Cases

Negotiated the reinstatement of a client’s suspended license before the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Represents clients in traffic court.

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Bankruptcy

File and review voluntary bankruptcy petitions. Counsels and represents clients at mandatory 341(a) hearings in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose, CA.

Wills and Trust Package

Law Offices of Deon Sailes - Estate Planning
Advise clients regarding drafting, review, and periodic updating of their wills and trusts packages. Explain the significance of memorializing your wishes for your real property, personal property, health care desires, and the care of your family.


Are you considering filing a lawsuit because you have been harmed by another?

Civil lawsuits are governed by statutes of limitations. This means depending on the type of claim and party responsible for causing the harm, the law requires a lawsuit or claim form to be filed within a certain time limit. If you fail to comply with the statue of limitations, your claim may be dismissed by the court or government entity as untimely. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Have you been served with a summons and complaint?

When you are served with a summons (a notice requiring a party to appear in court) and complaint (an initial document that starts a civil action and states the basis for the plaintiff’s claim) the time for your required response (or answer) begins immediately. Your failure to respond within the codified time-period can result in a default judgment against you. This means, the court may order a judgment against you without hearing your side. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Are you receiving harassing telephone calls from a debt collector?

The law allows you to demand proof of your debt and require the collection agency from contacting you. Proof of the debt is important to confirm whether the debt is in fact your debt. Demanding a debt collector “cease and desist” from contacting you may cause the agency or attorney to file suit against you; so be prepared. It is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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